Monthly Update ~ Month 19

I can’t believe it’s already time for another monthly update, I’ve been (and I still am) so busy, time is just running away and I have so much to do. But at the same time I really feel like I’m ready for my time as an au pair to end. Don’t worry, I still love it here but sometimes you just have a feeling that you’re ready to move on and with all my university applications going on at the moment I’m so excited to start university in fall 😍.

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Things you don’t know until you get to the bitter cold

It’s finally getting a bit warmer here in Minnesota – or as some people say “warm enough to go out without a jacket” (it’s actually still only a little bit over 0ºC). But honestly, I never thought I would say this but it really does feel almost warm at only like 2ºC and that coming from a person who is basically always freezing. Spending two winters here in Minnesota where the average temperature is probably anywhere around -20ºC for three months straight have definitely taught me quite a bit about real winters.

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24 Days of Christmas Round II ~ Sharing Happiness

Hi guys,

is anyone as excited as I am about December? I love Christmas time, especially with all the lights. For me, Christmas time is a time of happiness, of giving and sharing, and some quality family time. Although my family at home is thousands of miles away I can celebrate with my host family over here who are like a second family to me.

And to get everyone in a happy Christmas mood I am going to share something that made me happy that day for the next 24 days, kind of like a happiness advent calendar (that sounds so cheese honestly). But anyway, let’s get on with that happiness ✨.

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Jetlag Life ~ India

10 and a half time zones from Minneapolis, I arrived at my destination. India 🇮🇳. Who would have thought I had the chance to go here one day. It was so amazing though, it’s like going to a different world. They drive on the other side, speak different languages, wear different clothes, eat different food  and have a completely different culture.

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Cruising through the Wind ~ Chicago, Long Lost Friends

Chicago, so wurde mir das gesagt, ist ja eigentlich “recht nah” an Minneapolis – also so sechs Stunden Autofahrt, aber irgendwie bin ich trotzdem nie dazu gekommen, einen Trip dorthin zu planen. Immer war es zu kalt, zu windig oder beides. Oder ich hatte keine Zeit. Aber jetzt habe ich es geschafft dorthin zu reisen und das sogar mit meiner Room mate von der Long Island Weekend Class 💕.

Chicago, so they told me, is actually “pretty close” to Minneapolis – which means a six hour drive but somehow I never managed to plan a trip for it. It has always been too cold, too windy or both. Or I just didn’t have time. But now I got to travel there and this even with my room mate from the Long Island weekend class 💕.

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Falls Park in Sioux Falls, SD

To Unknown Places ~ Roadtrip, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota

Hallo liebe Leute,

nach monatelanger Pause konnte ich mal wieder reisen und war mit einer Freundin über das Memorial Day Weekend auf einem Roadtrip durch einige von Minnesotas Nachbarstaaten. Und da ich wieder so viele Fotos gemacht habe, will ich auch garnicht viel erzählen, also los gehts mit einer Reihe von Bilder  mit (mehr oder weniger ernst gemeinten) Kommentaren. (Plus: Eine Reihe von Fails im Leben der Yvonne 😂.)

Hi guys,

after a months long break I was finally able to travel again so I went on a road trip with a friend to some of Minnesota’s neighbor states over Memorial Day Weekend. And because I took so many pictures I don’t want to keep talking too much so let’s go. (Plus: A selection of Fails in the life of the Yvonne 😂.)

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Capturing Memories ~ Projects for your best year ever

Capturing Memories ~ Projects for your best year ever

We all create memories. And we hold on to them. On the good ones, the not so good ones. But they all make us who we are and without looking back at them we wouldn’t see how far we have come and how much we have grown. So no matter if you’re doing an au pair year just like me or work and travel or doing an exchange, it’s great to have your own way of keeping your memories (for hopefully forever).

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Shoutout to my mom ❤️ ~ Mother’s Day

Shoutout to my mom ❤️ ~ Mother’s Day

We all love our moms (or at least I’d assume so). But I think sometimes we just don’t appreciate her as much as she deserves or at least I didn’t until I started my au pair year and realized how much more work it is than I thought and what she sacrificed just for me. So thank you mommy for always being there for me (even though I was a really annoying kid sometimes… most of the times 🙈😂). So in honor of mother’s day, here are just a couple of reasons why I love my mom:

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