Monthly Update ~ Month 22

My last monthly update, crazy how the time went by. I’m sitting in my room in Germany right now, can you believe it? Even though it was sad to say bye to all my friends and my host family it was a wonderful last month. I got to say bye to my friends at my farewell party, met some great people in New Orleans and visited my friend in Washington 💕.

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Monthly Update ~ Month 21

Theoretically today would be my last day with my host family and this my last monthly update. But I’m pretty happy that is not the case and I’m staying until the end of the month which means I have some more time to spend with my host family, my friends and to pack 😂.

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Monthly Update ~ Month 20

Ok, first thing: I know I haven’t exactly been active the last month but you can’t believe how busy I have been. I was out a lot and my brother was here to visit me (which was awesome) but that leaves little time to write any new blog posts unfortunately.

And second, I just realized I only have two months left in the US, I have no idea what to think or how to feel. It’s just crazy how everything will be over and I will be home in two months (my flight will actually arrive in Hamburg in exactly two months 😄).

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Monthly Update ~ Month 19

I can’t believe it’s already time for another monthly update, I’ve been (and I still am) so busy, time is just running away and I have so much to do. But at the same time I really feel like I’m ready for my time as an au pair to end. Don’t worry, I still love it here but sometimes you just have a feeling that you’re ready to move on and with all my university applications going on at the moment I’m so excited to start university in fall 😍.

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Monthly Update ~ Month 16

Hallo liebe Leute,

Hat jemand bemerkt, dass ich meinen Countdown unten geändert habe? Inzwischen wird schon fürs Ende runtergezählt. Ich kann es einfach immer noch nicht glauben, dass bald alles vorbei ist. Fünf Monate sind ja eigentlich noch recht viel Zeit, aber Zeit verfliegt hier einfach so schnell. Langsam muss ich sogar schon mit den Planungen für den Reisemonat anfangen 😱.

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Monthly Update ~ Month 15

Hallo ihr Lieben,

kaum zu glauben, dass ich nur noch ein halbes Jahr über habe. Das habe ich letztens voll schockiert festgestellt. In meinem ersten Jahr wusste ich immer, dass ich ja noch Zeit habe mit der Extension, aber in sechs Monaten wird mein Jahr wirklich zuende sein, da gibt es keine Extension mehr. Ich weiß garnicht, was ich machen soll und muss mich mal nach Studiengängen umgucken, so viel Zeit zum Aufschieben habe ich jetzt ja nicht mehr 😅.

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Jetlag Life ~ India

10 and a half time zones from Minneapolis, I arrived at my destination. India 🇮🇳. Who would have thought I had the chance to go here one day. It was so amazing though, it’s like going to a different world. They drive on the other side, speak different languages, wear different clothes, eat different food  and have a completely different culture.

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