To Do

{x} Go on vacation with the host family

{x} Visit my Americans ❤️

{x} Have American friends

{x} Ice skating at Central Park

{x} Watch a Broadway show

{x} Take pictures in a photobooth

{x} Carve a pumpkin

{x} Go into a Haunted House

{ } Swim in the ocean

{ } Go surfing

{x} Go bowling

{x} Play lasertag

{x} Watch a ballet

{x} Meet a celebrity

{x} Do a weekend class

{x} Dance on the street

{x} Go on a roadtrip

{ } Hug a stranger

{x} Buy something at a second hand shop

{x} Donate something

{x} Do something good

{x} Watch the Super Bowl

{x} Watch a football game live

{x} Watch an ice hockey game live

{ } Watch a basketball game live

{x} Watch a baseball game live

{x} Watch the Oscars

{x} Watch the Golden Globes

{x} Watch the Emmys

{x} Watch the Grammys

{ } Parasailing

{x} Go shopping on Black Friday

{x} Celebrate 4th of July

{x} Hike on a mountain

{x} Go to a library

{x} Visit at least 5 vegan restaurants [5/5]


{x} Blender’s smoothie

{x} Frozen Yogurt

{x} Edamame

{x} Spaghetti squash

{x} Vegan donut

{x} Vegan Ben & Jerry’s

{x} Different Oreos

{x} Taco