Welcome to my little spot on the Internet!

… in a world full of happiness, adventures and fairy dust ✨.

This is my life through words and pictures. A place where I can share my thoughts, experiences and life updates (so my family knows I’m still alive).

I am one of those lucky people who can live the American way of life while being an au pair. And when I’m not working I love to read, dance, draw and do gymnastics. I love reading, talking and writing in English although it’s far from perfect.

Oh, and if you don’t know me, yet, let me introduce myself: I am Yvonne, an 18 19 year old girl from Germany, currently living in Minnesota where I enjoy every little moment and take way too many pictures.

I came to the US on August 15th but things didn’t work out with my host family in Virginia so I went into the rematch and now, since September 21st, I am here. Happier than ever to finally live my little dream.

Yvonne 💕

Bei Fragen, Anmerkungen oder Sonstigem dürft ihr mir gerne eine Email, in die Kommentarfelder oder auf Instagram eine Nachricht schreiben, ich beiße nicht und freu mich immer über Nachrichten 😊.

For questions, inquiries or anything else feel free to write a comment or send me an email or Instagram message, I don’t bite and I’m always excited about messages 😊.

E-Mail: ich_yvonne6@yahoo.de

Instagram: yvonne.blubb

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