Monthly Update ~ Month 20

Ok, first thing: I know I haven’t exactly been active the last month but you can’t believe how busy I have been. I was out a lot and my brother was here to visit me (which was awesome) but that leaves little time to write any new blog posts unfortunately.

And second, I just realized I only have two months left in the US, I have no idea what to think or how to feel. It’s just crazy how everything will be over and I will be home in two months (my flight will actually arrive in Hamburg in exactly two months πŸ˜„).


Hello spring. Oh wait, winter is taking your shift? Ok. I had hoped the snow would be gone by April at least. Well, guess we’ll have to deal with a snow storm mid-April then πŸ™„. Not kidding, snow is all nice and pretty but only during the winter. I can’t even count how many snow storms and how much snow we have had since the beginning of “spring”.

But besides being sick of all the snow I just really don’t know how I’m feeling about going home so soon. There are so many things I still have to do, flying home just seems really far away. I already have my return flight though and it’s in almost exactly two months, I only have one layover in Newark which is pretty nice.


I was pretty busy for most of the month because my brother came to visit me for two weeks during his spring break. It was really fun, he brought a bunch of German food (I missed my paprika chips so much!), we got to travel a lot and I showed him around in Minnesota.

Then three of my friends had their birthday this month, two of them went to the Cheesecake Factory (at two different locations though) which was fun, especially since we usually don’t have that much time to see each other πŸ˜„.

The best part was watching Houston Ballet’s Swan Lake though 😍. Anyone who knows me knows I love ballet, it’s just amazing every time. Funny thing is, my ballet teacher was also at the performance and also went to the little Q&A with two dancers before the show but I didn’t see her or even knew she was there until she told us at the lesson a couple days after.


I don’t think I’ve had any real problems this month, I have just kind of accepted the fact that my little one is hitting puberty and becoming annoying a lot of times πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. But that is probably the biggest reason why I’m very happy to be done soon, I just really hate annoying people.


So as I mentioned, my little brother was here. I went to Chicago with a friend and met him there which was really nice because we were there over St Patrick’s Day and got to see the parade and the tinted green river.

The weekend after that we were gone again because my host kids had their spring break so I got the whole week off. We flew to Denver and went on a road trip through Utah to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and back. That was probably the best road trip I have ever done, the two other girls were so amazing and all the landscapes are just breathtaking, it’s something you definitely have to see for yourself 😍.

Host Family

At this point I don’t think anything is going to change much, it doesn’t feel like I’m leaving in like two months. Even my host mom said it just feels so far away.


I think my English hasn’t really changed much this month, maybe because I haven’t talked it as much as I’ve been hanging out with more German speaking friends lately. But I might have been a little bit offended when I told someone I was taking a class at Hamline University and had to repeat it like five times until he understood and said he wasn’t good with accents. Like excuse you, it’s not that hard! But maybe it was also just because of the loud music πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ.

The word of the month is appraise, I feel like I might have looked it up before but I saw it at the library on some poster and I couldn’t really tell what it meant so yeah, it means bewerten in German πŸ˜„.

I hope you guys are enjoying spring right now wherever you are. See you guys soon,

Yvonne πŸ’•


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