Shoutout to my mom ❤️ ~ Mother’s Day

Shoutout to my mom ❤️ ~ Mother’s Day

We all love our moms (or at least I’d assume so). But I think sometimes we just don’t appreciate her as much as she deserves or at least I didn’t until I started my au pair year and realized how much more work it is than I thought and what she sacrificed just for me. So thank you mommy for always being there for me (even though I was a really annoying kid sometimes… most of the times 🙈😂). So in honor of mother’s day, here are just a couple of reasons why I love my mom:

🌸 You had to carry me around all day long for my first years. Even when your arms were sore and your back hurt I didn’t understand and didn’t want to let go so you just kept holding me and went through the pain.

☘️ No matter how many times I said I hate you or you were mean because I was angry, you still loved me with all your heart and you knew I’d always love you back.

🌷 You always let me have that last piece of cake although you wanted it just as much as I did.

🌾 You were always the wisest person I know. Parents seemed to know everything and although now I know you must have struggled in life as much as I do, you never showed any fear and were my role model.

🌻 All those times when you made me do some chores or study more it was so annoying but it was only for the best. It was almost more work for you to tell me over and over what to do but I’m so thankful for everything you taught me.

🌿 You would get up earlier after only a couple hours of sleep just to make sure I was up on time, had my school lunch and made it to school safely.

🌺 No matter how late I came home, you were always still up to make sure I made it home even though I told you every time you could already go to sleep.

🌱 I never understood why you forbid me some stuff and I always argued back but now I know you had your reasons and it was only to make me a better person.

🌼 Your food is the best. You always try to come up with new things I might like. And when my favorite foods meant more cooking for you, you would still make it for me.

🌹 You know when I’m sad and you know how to make me feel better, even if that means leaving me alone in my room for some hours… or days when I didn’t want to come out.

And there are millions of other reasons to love you, and no matter what I’ll say or I said, you are amazing, never doubt that. I love you to the moon and back 🌙💫.

Happy mother’s day to all moms out there, you’re amazing 💕.

By the way, I just realized this is my first post which is completely and only in English 😜.


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